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Take a Breathing Break

This blog is fulfilling a wish I have had for quite some time. I would like to share useful information and techniques with you which have proved valuable in research or through my own experience. I am very grateful to Juli from juli.auf.insta in Instagram for letting me use her brilliant fotos for my blog.

For my first blog I have chosen something for which you do not need any special gadget or lots of time but something that is incredibly effective in coping with stress: breathing.

The Theory:

Recently scientists have proved that there is a connection between breathing and emotional states. Mark Krasnow professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University and Kevin Yackle from the University of California San Francisco found a group of neurons in the brainstem which link respiration to relaxation, attention, excitement and anxiety. It could be demonstrated that slower breathing rates induce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Of course, this knowledge has been an integral part of yoga for thousands of years, but now it has also been proved scientifically.

The Exercise:

You can easily integrate this breathing exercise into your school day. 

Concentrate on breathing out and count 3 breaths out.

That's all: just breathing out 3 times. You can do this anywhere. And the more often you do it the quicker it helps you and the more effective it is. 

Just try it! Thank you for reading my blog. 

I wish you lots of success with this exercise.


Reference list

Goldman, B (2017) "Study shows how slow breathing induces tranquility" Available at: 

https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/03/study-discovers-how-slow-breathing-induces-tranquility.html (Accessed: 10 July 2017)

Photo credit: juli.auf.insta/ Instagram


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