Leave Anxiety and Stress behind – Change the Centre of your Thoughts

Where are you? - Bavaria or Alaska: a big difference

If you had the choice between stress, anxiety, lack of energy, victim mentality on one hand and joy, contentment, creativity, strength, an easy life on the other hand, we would all know which choice to make. The problem is: we know, BUT WE DON'T DO IT!

It's as if you would like to travel to Bavaria but have your sat nav set up for Alaska. It doesn't matter how much you scream and curse or are determined to go to Bavaria. The sat nav will keep showing you the way to Alaska.

It all depends on the focus

We keep doing the same thing with our lives, too. We have set our lives in the direction of Alaska, so to speak. Not that I want to speak badly of Alaska. But if you don't want to go there, then that is not the right place for you. So, we actually want to live a life that is filled with joie de vivre, happiness, success and lots of great people. But our sat nav is set for the wrong destination and so we only get more of what we already have and don't want: stress, anxiety, frustration. Because unfortunately it is like this: You get more of what you focus on!

I call this focus the centre of your thoughts. It is what you think about most of the time.

If you keep thinking about all the jobs that you have yet to do, you are moving towards stress and anxiety. If you keep thinking about your problems, you move towards stress and anxiety. If you keep thinking about an old argument or that someone treated you unfairly, you are moving towards stress and anxiety.

If you want a simpler, happier, and more successful life, change the centre of your thoughts!

3 Tips on how to Change the Centre of your Thoughts

1. Where are you right now?

First you have to find out where you are right now. Maybe by now you are in Austria. Then Bavaria is not far away. But how do you find out where you are exactly?

• Observe yourself often. Feel inside yourself often.

• What are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

• And most importantly: how do you talk to yourself?

2. Where do you want to go?

The next step is to determine what you want. This can be quite a challenge. I ask all of my clients this question. Many know exactly what they don't want and they can talk about it endlessly. But finding a new set point for your sat nav proves very difficult for most people. This is because they have already made themselves very comfortable in the negative, limiting thinking. The brain likes familiar things, but no surprises! Stress, anxiety and negative attitudes are familiar and therefore give us a feeling of security!

It might well take quite a bit of effort to create a new, positive blueprint for your life that is much more fulfilling than your current life! It's a bit as if your sat nav gets stuck on the destination Alaska. You may have to turn it off and reboot it and then enter your new destination Bavaria. So, there might be some work involved! But it's worth it!

3. How do you do that?

When you have your new goal, you make it the centre of your thoughts.

At times I get lost in my to-do-list. When that happens I only think of the mountain that I still have to work through. But why am I exposing myself to this stress? When it comes to my job, the reason is to earn enough money to have a good life. Or when it comes to a clean, tidy home, the reason is to enjoy my time there. We often tend to think that we have to do certain things or achieve certain goals in order to be happy afterwards.


It doesn't work that way!

In reality it works the other way round!

When your center of thought is YOU and YOUR EASY AND FANTASTIC LIFE, suddenly you evaluate things differently and you also do things in a different way. Because suddenly you're no longer doing things for your demanding boss or because they have to be done, but you do them for yourself. The center of your thoughts is now that you are happy. That you are going towards the life you are dreaming about. Your trip now goes to Bavaria and no longer to Alaska.

But isn't that selfish you might ask. No. In fact, it's just the opposite. If everyone were to take care of their own well-being - not at the expense of others, of course, but by taking good care of themselves - our world would be a better place. Then there would be a lot of happy people and happy, satisfied people always want everyone else around them to be happy too!

So, my message is: take care of yourself because you are the most important person in your life. Then you are responsible for your own life by setting your sat nav to love, laughter and ease and then by following your settings. Keep checking over and over again what you are making the center of your thoughts. Does it help you or does it prevent you from living a happy life?

Maybe it's enough if you keep reminding yourself:


You will see that something amazing will happen. The things that need to be done are much easier for you to do. Important things are not left behind when you make yourself and your well-being the focus of your thoughts. Working becomes easier and more fun. And you might find some things that you do not want to do anymore.

You will see that your life will get better and better. Look forward to this new, fantastic life!

If you would like support in making yourself the centre of your thoughts and leading a happy life, book my FREE CONSULTATION. Then we can work out together how I can help you live the life of your dreams.


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