3 Reasons Why I Love Hypnosis

First things first: in my practice, you won't be walking around like a cackling chicken!

Could I make you walk around like a cackling chicken in my practice? The answer is NO unless you want that. Every hypnosis is also self-hypnosis and therefore it depends entirely on you. So, if you were ready inside, I could theoretically make a cackling chicken out of you. People who go on stage during a hypnosis show and do crazy things there are INTERNALLY READY TO DO IT! Would I want to make a cackling chicken out of you? OF COURSE NOT! Because I do clinical hypnosis according to the ethical guidelines of the German Association for Hypnosis and because I do not think that it would make your life better. My hypnosis helps you to regain control of your life and not to lose it.

Reason 1: Being in hypnosis feels great!

When you get hypnotized, you slip into a trance. Many people do not realize that trance is a natural state that we find ourselves in several times a day. For example, you are in a trance when you read an exciting book and get completely absorbed in the action. The same goes for a movie. You have the feeling that you are in the middle of it all: you are happy, you laugh, you are sad or maybe you are afraid. But you certainly don't think: I'm watching a film here that was made by actors, cameramen and a director. It has probably already happened to you that you miss a part of the way while driving. You have arrived home, but can no longer remember the last section of your journey.

So, what is trance initiated by hypnosis like? First of all, it is a really great feeling. All people with whom I have done hypnosis so far have been totally enthusiastic afterwards. Even those who thought they couldn't be hypnotized or who were very skeptical. In a trance you hear what the hypnotist is saying, you hear the things around you - sometimes more and sometimes less. At the same time, you're so relaxed and feeling so good that none of this is important to you anymore. After hypnosis, you remember what happened, almost like after a conversation. You can still remember things that were interesting to you. Whereas some parts might be blurry. But what remains is a feeling of deep relaxation and wonderful wellbeing. I love this state!

Reason 2: With hypnosis you can change unwanted beliefs and behaviours quickly and easily!

Many of our behaviours and beliefs stem from our childhood. In the first few years of life we ​​take in everything completely unfiltered. All of these beliefs and behaviors are anchored in the unconscious mind and influence our whole life. The main task of the subconscious is to make life easy and safe for us. For clarification: It is assumed that 90 – 95% is processed by the unconscious mind and only 5 – 10% by the conscious mind.

For example, if little Anne's father is very authoritarian, she has learned to obey her father unconditionally. This behaviour has been anchored in her unconscious so that little Anne can grow up in safety. As a small child you are helpless and therefore dependent on the adults, including the authoritarian father. At some point Anne grows up, maybe has achieved a lot - a good job, a family of her own, etc. Nevertheless, she has big problems with her authoritarian boss. She lets him order her around and doesn't dare to say NO either. You can probably guess why. Anne's unconscious still has the program from her childhood “With authoritarian men, you have to do what they say!” Unfortunately, our unconscious does not update itself. So, it doesn't say, “Ah yes, Anne is now an adult and no longer helpless at all, but a successful, self-confident woman. So, we can change the “Behaviour towards Authoritarian Men” program. Grown-up Anne probably does not even realize why she only has problems with certain men. Even if she did, it wouldn't help her that much, though. Because in order to change negative beliefs (I am not allowed to say no to superiors / people in positions of power.) or inconvenient behaviour (I do what the other wants from me, even if I don't really want it), you have to get to the unconscious mind. Normal affirmations do not work well here because a kind of guardian, which is located between the conscious and the unconscious mind, will not permit affirmations that are considered “untrue” to pass into the unconscious mind. In hypnosis, however, the gate to the unconscious is wide open and then such an update is very easy and can also be done very quickly. The best way to do this is with the help of a hypnotist. However, you can also learn self-hypnosis to help yourself.

Reason 3: Hypnosis helps you to create a vision of a better and easier life and to make this reality!

From time to time I review my life and goals. I also have a morning routine during which I build on my vision of my ideal life. When new clients come to me, I need to find out something about the problem the person wants to get rid of. But more importantly, we find out together what their ideal life could look like. So, with Anne, I developed a vision of what her life would be like if she could say no to men in a position of power or if she confidently expressed her point of view. We came across other aspects in the process. For example, Anne wanted to get rid of a phobia and change her career. Hypnosis is of great help with all of these things. But first Anne had to start dreaming about her ideal life. Visions can be built into hypnosis really well. I also taught Anne effective and proven coaching techniques and methods from brain research. This enabled her to work at home and make positive changes a reality even faster.

You see, hypnosis has a lot to offer:

• Deep relaxation and a wonderful feeling

• The ability to easily and quickly change outdated, negative beliefs and behaviours and

• Support in building your ideal life.

Maybe you just want to try hypnosis or you have a problem that you would like to get rid of with hypnosis. Then just book a FREE CONSULTATION to find out if and how I can help you with hypnosis.

We are constantly hypnotizing ourselves - and unfortunately often not in a positive way! So why not use hypnosis to your advantage?